Translation-/interpretation-related podcasts

On a working day, we spend a lot of time behind the computer. Sometimes it is nice to give your eyes a rest and just listen to an audio piece related to your field of interest, while working, exercising in the gym or driving your car.

Here are a few podcasts you might want to check out:

Podcasts of the European Commission give insights into the interpreter’s world, offering advice, tips and interviews.

Not really new releases from Proz, but these are interesting interviews with people working in the T&I industry.

Not to be missed, these podcasts are hosted by Eve Bodeux and Corinne McKay, with free recordings, conference calls and seminars.

From the Department of Medicine at the University of Oxford, here you will find information on various medicines, treatments and medical research studies.

The following site gives information on how to become a medical interpreter.

Interested in learning a new language or improving your language skills? The following three podcasts are about language learning.

iTunes offers a lot of language courses.

LanguagePod101 provides a variety of courses for beginners and seasoned speakers.

This site is useful if you aspire to learning Mandarin.


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